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Study Links Childhood Obesity and Sleep Deprivation

children education family life fat loss fitness habits inspiration mental health parenting selfcare time management values weight loss Apr 26, 2013

Last night, around midnight, it was snowing, an unusual site in Kansas City in April. I went outside to enjoy the site and invited everyone else in the household to join me. It was coming down as fast as rain and my two dogs raced around the back yard as I laughed at their antics. I know the lure of putting off sleep to enjoy time with friends and family or just a good book. I also know that while fine and enjoyable occasionally, doing so very often puts our health at risk.

A study published in Pediatric Obesity caught my eye recently. It reported on a study of 3,398 children and drew a connection between late night use of electronic devices and childhood obesity, shortened sleep duration, poorer quality of diet, and less physical activity during the day. Sixty-four percent of the children studies had one or more electronic communication or entertainment devices in their rooms such as a television, cell phone, or computer. These devices are here to stay and will be a part of our children's lives but parents need to evaluate when and how they are used. So, in addition to the concerns you may have about appropriate content or time spent away from more valuable pursuits; you can add evidence that having access to these devices in the bedroom can lead to less sleep and a bigger waistline.

Staying up late as a special event is fun and memorable. Staying up late on a regular basis is damaging to children who need their rest to grow and to unwind. Switching devices off at a certain time can be part of the bedtime routine that will help your children stay healthy and help them be more alert during the day so they can succeed in school.

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