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Exercising Values Founder Pamela Davenport MSW, CPT, is a certified personal trainer, an experienced family counselor with a Masters degree in Social Work, a home educating mother of six and grandmother of four who is always happy to share her expertise and experience with parents of young children.

Exercising Values

Exercising Values is your resource for expert advice, ideas, and stories designed to aid you in your journey raising children. From fitness, nutrition, character, behavior, and beyond!

The original Character Workouts bring the joy back into parenting.

Book & Program

Through the Exercising Values book and program young families will learn how to accomplish important fitness and character goals through well-planned, consistent activities that can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes a day. It's a fun, family time that will leave adults and children alike, relaxed and fit.


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Written by Fitness and Family Expert Pamela Davenport.

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