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I seldom give billboards any conscience thought but one did recently catch my attention. It said the top ten jobs in 2015 don’t exist today. Usually the thought of such significant change in so short a time period would have more of an impact. But today with the economic turmoil and an historic election on the horizon change is the norm. I’m not an expert on economics or politics but I have opinions like everyone else. Joe the plumber/Pam the trainer. We’re thinking, weighing the impact of world events on our immediate lives.

On a different level my profession is all about change. Take someone overweight and help them get lean. Take someone injured and help them get stronger. Slow to fast, stiff to limber…you get the idea. After working with over a thousand clients over the years I recognize what a huge leap of courage and faith it is to decide to change and to enlist some help.

The final push that causes my clients to transform is often a major life change: divorce, illness, new baby, wedding, death in the family, etc. Sometimes something will jar us into realizing that if we continue to do things the way we always have we won’t get the results we dream of. Whether the impetus is happy or devastating it has empowered us to at least take the first step in a new direction.

Resistance to change is a classic sign of the aging temperament. A sound mind must simultaneously hold to some truths that don’t change while being open to new ideas and new directions. Identifying these unchangeables is part of the challenge. Letting go of what no longer serves us or the greater good is an art.

We face fundamental questions about our country’s future and about the way we choose to live our own lives. What will we fight to keep, hate to lose, be relieved to be done with? As always I hope you’ll share your thoughts.

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About the Author

Pamela Davenport


For decades I have helped countless parents and their children overcome significant obstacles. My unique accomplishments in the fields of child development, health, and fitness have given me an unparalleled perspective and expertise that I would love to share with you.

  • Award-Winning Author and Parenting Coach
  • Mother of six and grandmother of five
  • Studied Juvenile Justice at Stanford University
  • Master’s degree in Social Work
  • Experienced family counselor
  • Support group leader for struggling parents
  • Taught health at the university level
  • Program manager for the personal training programs at two colleges
  • Personal Trainer helping people lose 5lb-100lb+
  • Two-time Ironman Triathlete and competing member of team USA
  •  UMB Lifetime Sportswoman Award 2017