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Mind Set: The Secret to Enjoying the Day

family life inspiration mental health teamwork Oct 24, 2009

We just finished our final briefings. It's fun to just sit back and watch the various country's athletes file past. First South Africa, then the French, Great Britain, New Zealand, Ireland, Russia and on it goes. There is a pleasant energy in the room and when the talk ends and it's time for Q&A several hands fly up. Everyone is trying to sort through the route, the rules, and where the port-a-potty will be. We are warned if we do it behind a bush we will be DQ'd. Many of the men just shake their heads in disbelief thinking how much time that rule might cost them.

I'm a bit more fascinated with the drafting rules which are quite different from the three bike lengths rule I've raced with before. Here the draft zone is 12x3 meters or closer to 6-7 bike lengths. This means that if you get that close to another bike you need to pass them within 20 seconds or they'll send you to a penalty box. Three trips there and you're out of the race. Since it's a much larger zone than I'm used to and with nearly 800 athletes on the course it's hard for me to visualize how we are going to stay so far apart. I guess the key is to just go fast and hope you pass them in time.

The Swan River is choppy enough that I've decided it can pass for the ocean tri that's on my bucket list. I'd hoped to keep it to a sprint distance and just get in and out. Instead I'm faced with a 1.8mile swim. I hear other athletes murmering about what might be in the water with jelly fish and sharp shells being all that's been reported so far.  My Aussie friend tells me sharks prefer the area where rivers and oceans meet and that there is such a thing as a salt water croc. I put these things on the list of things I can't do a thing about and doubt will ever happen.

In fact, today I feel happy, relaxed, and thoroughly ready to race in the morning. For days I've been attending to many details such as replacing a bolt in my bike, rehabbing my leg, and practicing riding on the left and passing on the right. I also had to deal with anxious thoughts and restless waiting. That's all done. I'm hydrating in anticipation of a hot finish and resting comfortably. To my surprise, I think I'm ready.

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