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Making Wise Choices as Time Flies

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As another year comes to an end, it is customary to reflect on how we want to improve our lives in the new year. Life goes better when we live intentionally rather than being pulled by whatever a day happens to bring. Making strategic choices about our health, friendships and work help us to live the best life possible.

Take where you live, for example. Most people end up living within a few miles of where they were born even after extensive travel. It makes you wonder if they chose the best location for them or just drifted back to the comfortable and familiar. There is no place like home but choose the home that reflects your heart and not just the circumstances you were born into.

Likewise, choose the health habits that will give you a long and healthy life without mindlessly adopting the bad habits of those who came before you or those you live around now. Be strategic. Be wise.

There are a lot of Christmas songs but only a few for New Years. Here's a new one that I like and want to share with you.

It was written by my son, Dane Davenport. It wistfully talks about time flying away from all of us. Live with no regrets by making purposeful, wise choices today and by teaching your children to do the same.

Watching our children grow teaches us how quickly life passes. It gives us deep satisfaction to watch them learn and expand their worlds. We have high hopes for them always. Consider today what you can do to help them on their journey. Exercising Values Book and Monthly Program are here to help you teach character and physical fitness along with a love of reading. It's designed to increase your influence over your children for good and to create a happy family life. If these goals resonate with you, I hope you will consider sticking with the Exercising Values Monthly program this year after you read Exercising Values: Family Fitness with a Character Emphasis. Don't just try to get in shape this January. Change your life completely for the better with this integrated approach.

Happy New Year from Exercising Values!

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About the Author

Pamela Davenport


For decades I have helped countless parents and their children overcome significant obstacles. My unique accomplishments in the fields of child development, health, and fitness have given me an unparalleled perspective and expertise that I would love to share with you.

  • Award-Winning Author and Parenting Coach
  • Mother of six and grandmother of five
  • Studied Juvenile Justice at Stanford University
  • Master’s degree in Social Work
  • Experienced family counselor
  • Support group leader for struggling parents
  • Taught health at the university level
  • Program manager for the personal training programs at two colleges
  • Personal Trainer helping people lose 5lb-100lb+
  • Two-time Ironman Triathlete and competing member of team USA
  •  UMB Lifetime Sportswoman Award 2017