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family life mental health Aug 26, 2009

I found a way to improve my prayer life. I sent one son to CA this morning and took the other out on the road, learner's permit in hand. Then I watched a graphic video of a car crash caused by texting while driving. Except for the grace of God.... We want to give them adventure, new experiences and freedom AND we want them safe and sound always.

Feeling the end of an era with Skyler off to college, I never felt closer to my oldest daughter, Jennifer, than today when she told me she cried at a wedding at the thought of her son some day getting married. He's two.

You have to love parenting and your children to understand the thrill of seeing them succeed and move on with their lives and at the same time feel the pangs of nostalgia as you secretly play a montage in your head of them at 2 and 18 and every age in between.

One of my students spent three days and nights in a boat to come to the U.S.  from Cuba. It was his second attempt. The first try cost him six months in jail. I see him now with his young son. Surely the thought of that child yet unborn motivated and sustained this young man as he suffered hunger and thirst on his hopeful voyage.

So parent today with purpose and vision. Enjoy every minute of it. Fight for them. Warn them of danger. Let go when it's time. And don't forget to tell them that you love them. They know it but don't really mind being reminded.

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