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How to Apply the Latest Research on Fat-Loss

diet fat loss goals habits inspiration selfcare weight loss Jan 22, 2010

I am still synthesizing all the material from Joel Marion’s outstanding conference, Transformation Domination. It was packed with information and I definitely encourage you to attend next year. One of the presenters, Vince DelMonte, has been a guest blogger on Exercising Values before. One of the concepts Vince drives home in his No Nonsense Muscle Building and 6 Pack Abs Quest programs is that you don’t really know something until you apply it to your life.

So in addition to sharing information with you I plan on also sharing with you what I learn by actually applying that knowledge.. Some things that I’ve known for a long time were presented in a way that just makes me more likely to do them. For example,  I’ve known for a long time that because of carbohydrate’s effect on insulin that for fat loss it is best to always pair them with a protein source. But knowing and doing are two different things and in a rush I’ve been known to grab a piece of fruit or worse and head out the door. When Joel Marion said several times during the conference that “if you are eating carbs alone then you are getting fat” I knew I was ready to be more diligent about the timing and pairing of my food choices.

I’m actually in flight right now and the flight attendant just offered me a beverage. At 6:30am I normally would have chosen orange juice, This time I took water for no other reason than I no longer want the consequences of the insulin spike it would give me thus shutting down fat burning. It would have hit my blood stream with a rush of glucose in about fifteen minutes. It’s what a diabetic will grab when their insulin gets too low. Hormones have everything to do with fat loss and I’ll be sharing some of the latest research on what you can do to keep them on your side.

I don’t even feel deprived. I feel excited to see how good I can feel, how much energy I can have and how much weight I can lose following the latest research on fat loss and muscle-building. I hope you are excited, too, to finally have a shot at discovering what may have been holding you back. Truth is, it could be one or more of many things and we’re going to be talking about all of them in the next four weeks. We’ll explore how to add these good health habits to your life and to the lives of your children.

Until next time, my advice is just do one thing today that you already know would improve your health. Drink more water,avoid sugar, get some sleep, do something to de-stress, eat protein with every meal, etc. You don’t have to change everything at once but take that step in the right direction. We are at the point when most people give up on the New Year’s resolutions they committed to just weeks before. How boring to always give up. If your goals were fat loss, living with less stress, or passing on better health habits to your children; then come back to the blog.

Please leave a comment below. While sorting through all the research and information revealed this weekend , your comments will help me focus on what you are most interested in.

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