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Family Fun this Summer: 3 Easy Ideas

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Whether you view summer as a lazy relaxing time or if it seems to be just as hectic as usual; you will want to take time to spend extra time with your kids while they are out of school. Here's a few games you can play outside with just a ball and a little room:

1. Soccer Freeze Tag: Everyone in the family gets a ball except one person who is it. Players dribble the ball with their feet soccer style trying to keep it away from the person who is it. If that person can kick the ball away then the player who lost the ball runs for it and puts the ball over their head with their legs apart "frozen" until someone kicks their ball between the legs to "unfreeze" that person. Meanwhile the person who is it tries to freeze the next player. Play continues until all players with a ball are frozen and then someone else takes a turn at being it.

2. Sharks and Minnows: This game borrowed from the swimming pool can also be played with a ball in the yard. Players line up on one side of the yard or open area and try to get to the other side. If the person who is it, the "shark", can kick their ball out of bounds they then become a shark, too, and try to kick the balls of the other minnows out of bounds.

3. Take a kick ball this time and one person kicks it high into the air. Everyone else tries to catch it. If they catch it before it bounces they get 100 points. If it bounces once and they catch it it is worth 50 points, 2 bounces 25 points. Once someone has accumulated 500 points they become the next kicker.

These games will only take a little time but they will create great memories for your children. Exercising Values has lots of suggestions for simple ways to have fun with your children while teaching them to care about others and to get along with them. I hope you will enjoy these few suggestions and let me know what other ideas your family has for fun times together. Send me your best ideas and I'll send you a special gift to help you raise happy, healthy children.

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