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children education exercise family life fitness goals habits inspiration parenting selfcare sports support Mar 31, 2013

First and foremost in teaching physical education, we want our children to learn to love exercise. Once we have taught them a new skill, exercise or movement, it will take repeating it about 10,000 times before it becomes a habit that they can do with ease. So enjoy the moment and realize that progress will be made over time Keep it all positive. Remember, having fun is a very important part of helping your children choose a healthy lifestyle.

The federal government reviewed the exercise recommendations they had published in 2008 and in March, 2013 they released Physical Activities Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report Strategies to Increase Physical Activity among Youth. One of their key findings is that active parents tend to have active children. The Framington Heart Study is cited as evidence and it found that children with two active parents are 5.8 times as likely to be active as children with inactive parents.

Any time you spend teaching your child to love exercise, movement and active play is time well spent. Your example and playfulness can lead them into a life time of health, enjoyment and self-esteem. Spring is here. Enjoy the longer days, sunshine and time together.

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For decades I have helped countless parents and their children overcome significant obstacles. My unique accomplishments in the fields of child development, health, and fitness have given me an unparalleled perspective and expertise that I would love to share with you.

  • Award-Winning Author and Parenting Coach
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