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family life parenting sports Feb 08, 2010

I heard a cute story on the radio this week. It was about a mom who called her very young daughter only to hear her respond."what". Her mother realized that she had never taught her daughter a better response so she had a little talk with her and explained that it would be much nicer if she responded, "Yes, Mommy" when her mother called. The little girl agreed and went back to her playing. In just a little while the girl called for her mother who responded , you guess it, "what". The little girl then explained to her mom that it would be so much nicer if she, too, responded with a yes. Such are the trials of raising little ones. They are always watching, always noticing how we live compared to what we teach.

How did your eating go this Super Bowl weekend? I hope you enjoyed the game and had a great time with family or friends. If you ate with your children what you served may be what they will serve at Superbowl eighty-four. Such is the power of example and training. If you found that balance and ate fun but healthy foods you'll feel better than most tomorrow-the biggest day of antacid sales in the U.S. or so I've been told.

Of course a regular habit of exercise will also help keep excesses in check both by burning calories but also by making you less dependent on food for pleasure. You'll have more energy and enjoy more activities. Include your children in those activities and your life will be richer still.

Before the game today our family attended a performance by my son who is a singer/songwriter. One of his songs is my favorite song and all maternal prejudice aside I think it would be even if he didn't write it. Without giving it away, I'll just say it is about the value you place on the people you love. I hope you find yourself valuing the people in your life and tempering your choices with what is in their best interest.

Congrats to the Saints and the city of New Orleans.

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