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Exercising Values - Digital eBook

Exercising Values - Happy, Healthy, Kind, and Considerate Kids in 15 Minutes a Day shows parents how to raise well-behaved, healthy, happy children. Young families will learn how to accomplish these important goals through Character Workouts; well-planned, consistent activities that can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes a day. It's a fun, family time that will leave adults and children alike, relaxed and fit.

This downloadable .PDF second edition of the book has been updated and expanded for 2018. It includes a full month of done-for-you character workouts for you to enjoy with your children. Woven into the program are opportunities for parents to introduce character qualities such as enthusiasm and diligence and thereby teach the basics of good behavior. The exercises use body weight and require no special equipment but are effective for weight loss and body toning, even for parents!

The Exercising Values book is designed to work as a reference guide for child training, exercise, and nutrition. While the information it contains is backed with decades of research and scientific studies, the book itself has been written in the style of a friend who has been there and is willing to help.

Written by a recognized expert in both personal training and child development, Exercising Values is backed with decades of research and scientific studies, as well as real world application. Pamela Davenport, MSW, CPT is a family counselor, nutrition coach, fitness expert, decade long member of team USA, and winner of the Lifetime Sportswoman Award. As a mother of six and grandmother of four she combines her personal parenting experience with her training in child development and exercise science to solve the problems that worry parents the most. You can rest easy knowing she will also help you foresee and avoid potential problems before they ever have a chance to develop.

This book is digital and no physical product will be mailed. The .PDF file format is compatible with most tablets and ebook readers as well as Mac and PC computers.