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Exercising Values is a company devoted to the well-being of children and their families. Using real-world tested methods and scientifically backed information we help parents teach their young children how to make good decisions in health and in life by making it FUN.

The secret behind Exercising Values is the use of Character Workouts, a fast and easy method of teaching children to prefer good behavior while engaged in fun physical activities. Strengthening minds, bodies, and families all at once.

Our mission is to better the lives of all children. Because every child does not have parents to look after them, a portion of our sales is reserved to help orphans around the world. This is major driving force for us at Exercising Values where we like to say "We help parents with children in order to help children without parents."

The founder, Pamela Davenport, MSW, CPT is a mother of six and grandmother of four who has combined her personal parenting experience with her training in child development and exercise science to create a unique program to solve the problems that worry parents the most.